Who We Are Looking for:

- Are you confident doing a Day 1 Initial Consultation and Day 2 Report of Findings?

- “Do you have a positive persona that makes patients look for any excuse to come back and see you? Are you a self-starter?

-Are you comfortable with picking up the phone to speak to patients?

-Are you able to communicate with patients in such a way that they know what you’re doing for them?

-Are you able to connect and engage with people on a personal level (not just on a clinical skill level)?

-And do you have time for people over and above their allocated clinical sessions or that which you are being paid to give?

-Do you love to learn and are you committed to being part of a team that puts patients and not professional ego first?

-Are you flexible and open to change?

-Do you view the opportunity to learn as a privilege and not something that you should be paid to do?”


 • Communicate with patients in a way that they can confidently make the right decision about the plan of care you suggest

 • Ensure that patients achieve their clinical outcomes (in the time frame you set)

• Develop a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both the patient and the clinic

• Communicate the value of our service with the fee/price that the patient will need to pay to access it

 • Ensure that patients remain excited about the prospect of coming for treatment (and remain committed to the treatment plan that you suggest)

• Provide a high level of customer care that will cause patients to want to come back frequently and tell their friends and family about us as well

 • Ensure that patients coming for free taster/discovery sessions convert to a first treatment (when appropriate)

• Ensure that patients agree to a plan of care that will help them hit their goals

• Ensure that patients complete a full plan of care (as agreed in the first session)

• Ensure that clinical notes are kept up-to-date and accurate

• Participate in, contribute to, and help to develop the in-house educational training program that is provided to all technicians.

Measurable Outcomes:

• Conversion ratio from free taster/discovery visit to first treatment greater than 80%

• Conversion from first session to full plan of care greater than 50%

• Completed plan of care ratio greater than 90%


Skills Needed:

• Be able to communicate with patients in such a way that they can understand why the suggested plan of care is the best solution to solve their problem

• Communicate with patients in a way that they can see value in the plan of care being put to them – in exchange for their time and money

 • Willing and able to spot when a patient may be disillusioned or confused with their progress (and likely to drop off)

• To be able to communicate in such a way that the patient can confidently say yes to a full plan of care

 • To be able to engage with and connect with patients at a personal level that goes way beyond a clinical outcome

 • Demonstrates an understanding of what the causes are – and solutions – that could lead to a patient dropping off schedule

 • Demonstrates a willingness to be held accountable for performance

• Ability to thrive in an environment where measurement is the driving force behind progress


 If that’s you, then we want to hear from you.

We believe whole-heartedly in on-going education and provide an immense amount of training, teaching and coaching and as well as having people from all parts of the country working with us, we’ve got lots of home grown and very talented employees waiting to welcome you into our team. Demand for this role is expected to be high and we invite you to apply if you feel able to achieve the following tasks and have the relevant skills to do so. We know that real A Players love to be held accountable for high standards of performance which means the role will come with your own key objectives that when consistently hit, will result in substantial benefits and privileges in the role that will be discussed at the interview should you be successful.


What we will provide:  

Great work life balance in leafy Surrey with easy access to London in 25 minutes.  

Minimum guaranteed first year salary package of £40k plus clear bonus structure in place.

All insurance and GCC fees paid.  

Paid holiday  

Weekly technique coaching with principal Chiropractor who is a qualified AK practitioner as well as trained by Piet Seru and Jean Pierre Meersseman.  

Clear achievable targets to progress within the practice.

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Meet Our Team

Dr Jeremy- Director of West Chiropractic 

He had an interest in biology, mechanics at school as well as being a keen sportsman. This led to a degree in Human Musculoskeletal Science at the University of Bristol.  

Unlike most Chiropractors he hadn’t heard much about Chiropractic as a kid, but that soon changed following a challenging back injury sustained whilst at Bristol. He experienced first-hand how debilitating back pain can be, not being able to get out of bed for 2 days shortly before his finals, and he struggled to find a suitable treatment.  

Jeremy is an easy going person who enjoys keeping active with Crossfit and Triathlon, he doesn't take himself too seriously. 

He is looking forward to working with an associate to teach them, spend time analysing cases and working on how to improve the clinic together. 

West Chiropractic is a new clinic and is expanding. We need an associate to come on board who is excited and willing to learn. If you think you have what we need please fill in the form below and we can chat.

Lauren- Clinic Manager

Lauren is the clinic manager who brings a wealth of experience within administration and individual patient care; Lauren strives to make everyone feel like an individual and has learnt this through her background of working for a corporate private hospital. Lauren has also trained as a Sports Massage Therapist who has used her qualifications to treat family, friends and amateur Sports Clubs.

Lauren believes that first impressions matter and providing individual care starts from the first point of contact. Lauren is passionate for knowledge and is driven by the desire to care and help individuals to meet their goals. When not at work Lauren can be found enjoying her life long hobby of horse riding in which she cares for her two horses.

Dr Antonio Vernashci- Chiropractor

Ever since I was a young child I have lived an active lifestyle and can thank my parents for entering me into many different sporting teams at such a young age. My father says that as a baby I was kicking footballs before I was able to walk! Growing up I naturally gained a passion for health and physical fitness with an ultimate desire to play football. After gaining my A-Levels I was fortunate enough to be offered an athletic scholarship in the USA where I was able to express my abilities as an athlete and gain a BSc degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton. This experience was invaluable for me and shortly after graduating I was able to sign a professional contract to play for the Anaheim Bolts. Alongside this, I also qualified as a personal trainer with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). My time in America taught me many lifelong lessons and whilst both playing and working with numerous professional and semi-professional sports teams, unfortunately I became exposed to many sports injuries. This is where I was able to find chiropractic as my life’s purpose. I had previously heard of it performing wonders for my parents but never really understood how it worked. It was having treatment from a chiropractor after multiple injuries, and also witnessing and hearing about teammates with injuries who were also making miraculous recoveries that I decided I wanted to learn more. I researched more into it and not long after I decided to return to the UK where I began my studies at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth. Whilst studying I attended many chiropractic seminars and spoke to numerous chiropractors, I was amazed at the amount of miracle recovery stories due to chiropractic care and could not wait to start helping others in such a holistic way. I now love transforming people’s lives for the better on a daily basis.

Our Services for our Associate 

24/7 Support

We will always be available to discuss any challenges you may have or questions. An associateship is hardwork and we are a team that can make it as beneficial for you as possible. 

Consulting Sessions

Whether for an hour or a day, we'll sit down with you and help you to develop as a Chiropractor and watch your grow each week. Technique training, diary management, Day 1 and Day 2 training. 

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions and weekly team meeting 


We will send you on seminars. We love learning and want you to carry on yours. It is integral to be adapting and learning everyday.


We do all the marketing for you. No weekend screenings, enjoy your weekends relax and come back ready for Monday. 


Paid holiday leave! No finding a locum or worrying about the diary dropping, this will all be taken care of. 


Achievable and measurable goals set monthly and yearly to ensure you are being challenged and growing as you want. 


£40k guaranteed package in the first year with clear bonus structure in place. Guaranteed to increase after the first year. 

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West Chiropractic, 43a Old Woking Road, West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 6LG